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GAURA hydrogen water server changes the tap water to healthy water. Decreasing costs overwhelmingly compared to home water delivery .
水素入浴剤 H2 BUBBLE
Enjoy 水素浴

Video of the water server's charm to watch

In the video of the buyer's select (TV shopping), it is the hydrogen water generator and hydrogen bath agent of GAURA that was broadcasted.


Hydrogen bathing agent (hydrogen water bath agent) differienciation for high concentrations

Hydrogen bath saltsto your bath with a (hydrogen water bath agent) to "hydrogen bath". In such beautiful skin aging care and health maintenance with hydrogen bathing,
hydrogen bathing agent (hydrogen water bath salts).

水素入浴剤 H2 BUBBLE溶存水素濃度測定試験結果

Produced by the research cooperation of the university

Hydrogen is detected in exhaled breath after drinking hydrogen water, and a similar phenomenon is observed in hydrogen bathing. This represents the state of hydrogen penetrating the skin and sufficiently filled inside the body, and the antioxidant effects of hydrogen that have been reported can be expected with it.

The benefits of taking a warm bath cannot be obtained by drinking hydrogen water. Besides, it has become evident that hydrogen bathing increases the benefits more than plain warm bath. Also, it was found that it increases skin elasticity and makes the hair shinier and smoother, and therefore, it is conceivable that taking a hydrogen bath in combination with drinking hydrogen water can increase the effectiveness.

Hideyuki Onami, Hosei University professor (Ph.D. in Engineering), CEO of Kosei Kogaku Kenkyujo Inc.

Commitment to hydrogen bathing agent (hydrogen water bath agent) bubble (experience)

A very small hydrogen water molecules moment was placed in the bath occurs. GAURA bath salts that have generated the very high concentration of hydrogen you can see at a glance.
HⅡBubble is over to go to the entire blink of an eye bath, a high concentration of bubbles of hydrogen, such as if the sound is out Innovation schwa is generated.
I feel the feeling that the entire skin was smooth and adhere to stick to the skin. Hydrogen concentration is hydrogen bathing agents that can be enjoyed by the whole family because it is maintained over a period of several hours.

Hydrogen bathing agent (hydrogen water bath agent) Good to Hassle

「 Apart concentration・・」
「 Price is high・・・ 」


「 Troublesome case of cleaning・・・ 」
「 Cumbersome refill is・・・ 」 


Hydrogen bathing agent (hydrogen water bath agent) commitment to price


Flow of up to hydrogen bathing agent available
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Please fill in the special form, it is easy and can be completed in "3 minutes!".
Contact us at the toll-free number here!
After the payment procedure, it will be shipped within 3 business days. Trial pack, Yamatonekoposu flights in the case of one pack, Yamato courier in the case of more than 2 Pakku, deals for the pack, 1 pack letter pack of a post office in the case of, in the case of more than 2 Pakku in Yamato courier we will send Te. In the case of baggage of post mailing type, and may be delivered a little late. Please note.

Hydrogen bathing agent Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do is just soak in the bath of hydrogen?

Because of the hydrogen molecule is very small molecules, you can go into to the gap of the cell.
Why it is expected to beauty?
Hydrogen that has penetrated to the cells of the inner skin is absorbed through the skin are expected to appeal from the back of the skin.
It can be expected in addition to beauty is?
Poor circulation, has got a lot of voice and such as fatigue recovery can feel. Than normal tap water bathing has been said to dilate blood vessels, hydrogen bath also can feel warmth of the bath rising has gotten popular. It takes about there is also a hospital that has been promoted as hyperthermia.
Bathing method of recommended?
It is said to be about 7 minutes or more until the hydrogen to penetrate to the whole Main-unit. Your time of bathing, we will recommend that you bathe a guideline for more than 10 minutes.
It would be all right to be used in pet
Also available in pet. I recommend it because it can be expected to be better gloss of the hand as well as health maintenance.
The difference between the equipment and other bath salts and costs?
In order to available Shop cheaper every day, you can use in your family everyone in about 89 to 160 yen once. Third-party equipment is purchased and about 100,000 yen, is 300 yen to 500 yen in refillable. We are working on hydrogen water promotion in Japan that we're working hard to ensure that the person who access to safe high concentration of hydrogen bath.

Commitment in hydrogen water spreading

The high concentration hydrogen water is amazing! It is also the favorite for athletes, models and doctors! The "high concentration hydrogen water" attractiveness to Health and Beauty is endless. We want to spread a great next-generation drinking water!

Hydrogen water is not only for drinking. Face cleansing also can be done with freash hydrogen water.

Do you think hydrogen water is only for drinking?
Now, cleansing with hydrogen water became a secret boom among users, instead of putting your face in makeup water.
Please use this high concentration hydrogen water .
It can also change your skin in everyday use.


Message from the President

I am Arii, the representative of GAURA Inc.

Since its establishment in 1993, our company has been dealing with products mainly focusing on the development and sale of health equipments for athletes and health support equipments for medical institutions, for more than 20 years.
Under such circumstances, maintaining better physical condition for medical relations and athletes, we explored anything that could contribute to improvement and found hydrogen water.
Although the rental and sale of hydrogen water was being conducted in gyms and medical institutions, this time, it is not only for some people, but as a health support item to be widely adopted on a daily basis as a household hydrogen water server, we started selling hydrogen water generator and hydrogen bath agent.

In order to fully demonstrate "the power of wonderful hydrogen", we verify the product with various institutions, we also proceeded in trial and error to set a pricing for many people.

And this time, we now offer household hydrogen water servers, hydrogen water generator and hydrogen bath agent which can be easily used for hot water baths.
In addition to those who introduced the system, a hydrogen water server at home, based on the opinions of the people who repeatedly use the generator refined water quality, we can make recommendations for you with confidence at any price

"Please enjoy any time the fresh hydrogen water by all means."