Portable hydrogen water bottle.As it is Portable Rechargeable, it is ok to carry it.

Company Profile
GAURA hydrogen water server changes the tap water to healthy water. Decreasing costs overwhelmingly compared to home water delivery .
enjoy color 水素水ボトル

GAURAwalk is about 0.8 ppm (0.8 ~ 1.0 ppm) in three minute mode (* 1),
Furthermore, you can make hydrogen water with concentration of about 1.0 ppm (1.0 ~ 1.2 ppm) (* 2)
in 6-minute mode. Also, with the charge fully charged, the 3-minute mode
is 14 times, the 6-minute mode is 7 times,Hydrogen water production is possible. You can easily enjoy
hydrogen water in a short time.
※ 1, ※ 2: Because the concentration may not rise to the prescribed concentration depending on the water quality and water temperature, please use in the 6-minute mode from about the first time use until about 10 times.
If you continue to use it will stabilize at the proper concentration.

Hydrogen water made with GAURAwalk alone is not only for drink, divided with cups multiple people can enjoy it together.

"GAURAwalk portable rechargeable.
You can charge it at home,
with mobile phones at your office or when going out;
moreover, it can be charged even with a personal computer's USB port.
Charging can be done about 500 times, costing about 5 yen per time."

"You can choose your favorite color from 10 color variations according to every scene, such as fashion, bags, accessories, room interior, office, outdoor etc.
Please choose between vivid vitamin color, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, luxury feel & fashionable metallic color metallic Bragg, rose pink, champagne gold, pearl white and silver blue.
In addition, because the bottle's body is in a smooth curve, the fit feeling when you hold it in your hand is not found in other hydrogen water bottles."

"Since the GAURAwalk cap (top cover) can be removed,
it can be cleaned normally with detergent so as to wash the cup.
You can keep the bottle clean at any time.
※ A dishwasher can not be used. Please be also careful not to remove
the base (generated part) as it will cause failure."


We prepared a total of 10 colors, with 5 vivid vitamin colors and luxury feel & 5 fashionable metallic colors. For those who want to spend positive days with vitamin colors, the GAURAwalk hydrogen water bottle has ten metallic colors that you can choose from to respond to various feelings to you thought as a gift to a valued person.

enjoy color 水素水ボトル

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hydrogen Water Bottle "GAURAwalk"

How long will it take to fully charge?

About 5 hours.

How much hydrogen concentration does it hold?

Usually it takes about 1 hour, so please drink within 1 hour.

Can we also press a button when the hydrogen has drained out to turn it into hydrogen water?

Is possible. However, please replace your water in once a day at least.

Do you make the amount of hydrogen water is how much at one time?

It becomes 300ml.

There are 10 colors, but what color Is popular?

There are comparatively rose pink towards the popular women, the color is in addition to your liking, use become scene (office and travel, such as the interior) because it varies depending on, choose your image to become your customers I think if you can.

Will all right even if washed with detergent?

It's okay. Please wash your so normally wash the cup so can be removed is the top cover. ※ Please note that you will not be able to make use of the dishwasher. ※ base (generating part) Please do not remove absolutely Since it becomes a cause of failure.

Hydrogen Water Bottle "Gowra Walk" Product Overview

Product Name Portable hydrogen water generator bottle [GAURA walk]
Color 10 colors
Capacity 300ml
Generation time 3 minutes mode, 6-minute mode
the loop count when Fully charged 14 times - 3 minutes mode, 7 times in 6 minutes mode
Use temperature setting 0~80℃
付属品のACアダプター 定格電圧:100~240V
Main-unit weight About 270g
Size upper longest portion (including the opening button) 75 mm · top shortest diameter 60 mm, lower longest part diameter 65 mm, height 210mm
Accessories AC adapter USB cable
Material Polycarbonate
Hydrogen concentration 3 minutes mode about 0.8~1.0ppm, 6-minute mode about 1.0~1.2ppm
(the value of the measurement will be the numerical value at the measurement temperature of 25 degrees.)
(In the case of cold water, please use the 6-minute mode.)
charging time About 5 hours
Power DC3.7V
Power consumption 5W
Current and voltage 5V
Battery capacity 2020mAh
The number of times charging About 500 times
the number of use 7,000 times in 3-minute mode, 3,500 times in the 6-minute mode
Water quality to be used tap water, mineral water, filtered water
battery GAURAwalk lithium ion battery can not be replaced
enjoy color 水素水ボトル