Hydrogen water server for home use

Company Profile
GAURA hydrogen water server changes the tap water to healthy water. Decreasing costs overwhelmingly compared to home water delivery .
Hydrogen water server
A fresh high concentration of unlimited hydrogen water anytime.

Genuine commitment to the hydrogen water server

Here it is the difference! GAURA high concentration hydrogen water servers have a completely different full-fledged structure and circulation-type or cartridge-type so far. As the electrolysis is of one-pass type in the vicinity of the outlet, it can generate a freshly prepared high concentration of hydrogen water any time.

hydrogen water server

The general hydrogen water server, typical method of hydrogen water servers increase the concentration of hydrogen generated by the electrolysis into cold water tank is circulated. In this case, when the water in the cold water tank decreases, as new purified water enters the cold water tank, the temporary hydrogen concentration in the tank will be unstable.

hydrogen water server

GAURA high concentration hydrogen water server does not have a general circulation model, it produces a high concentration of hydrogen water as it is a one-pass type which electrolyzes every time for each drinking water supply near the outlet and outputs water, it can always produce stable high concentration hydrogen water. The home server has an upper notch generation system.

For the hydrogen to be effective, it must have sufficient verification. Our company is in the process of validating our ability of hydrogen water server in a variety of institutions.
Guests are offered a high concentration hydrogen water freshly prepared at home.

Commitment to hydrogen water server design

Here is the difference! GAURA high concentration hydrogen water server has put such a stylish design as part of assuming the interior of the room. The "25cm" width makes it a super-slim design that is not the standing-type hydrogen water server of the past. The display panel on the front is also a hydrogen water server with a sense of quality in using the LED touch-button "digital display".

Various rooms are clean hydrogen water server of white-collar with which it is possible to adapt to.

Clients testimonials as "that traditional server is really cheesy and ..." are taken care of by the brown calm type. It is state-of-the-art hydrogen water server to match chic rooms.

Hydrogen water server,
Commitment without time and effort

Here it the difference! GAURA high concentration hydrogen water server can be used by women and the elderly as no cumbersome gallon bottle replacement is required. You can always quickly and easily drink a "fresh high concentration hydrogen water". Moreover, it can be used safely for a large family because it is unlimited!

From now on, it is the era of "direct models",
away from the cumbersome bottle server!

No bottle exchange is required

Replacement is hard ...

Many are those who consider the "bottles replacement to be hard", isn't it? The direct-coupled server solves those concerns! In addition, you can drink hydrogen water any time! It is a highly praised hydrogen water server by those who use it.

You do not need to hassle for ordering

Ordering is troublesome ...

"It troubled Storage When you order extra, trouble each time of order" towards Hassle of order is a comfortable convenient direct connection type hydrogen water server. One fell swoop to solve the delivery waiting in Kore, it is happy to convenient server.

Hydrogen water server: the commitment to expenses

Here is the difference! GAURA high concentration hydrogen water server. GAURA is a high concentration level hydrogen water server achieving surprising low prices.

In the case of high concentration hydrogen water server purchase

The high concentration hydrogen water server selling price: ¥298,000Yen offer in the (tax not included)!
A high-quality, high-concentration hydrogen water server you are allowed to offer.
※ Due to tariffs and shipping costs overseas prices are different from Japan.

Usage flow up to availability
(The payment page is in Japanese and shipments are limited to Japan)

Please fill in the special form, it is easy and can be completed in "3 minutes!".
Contact us by toll-free
at 0120-453-006 !
After the payment procedure is completed, we will set the hydrogen water server installation date.
Construction is to be arranged by the customer.
The server will be delivered to the desired date before construction.
Please let us know if better arrangements are required.
We will arrange for a skilled water supply technician for the desired date. (If you would like a quotation before the construction work will arrange with the provider) Easy to use! Please contact the toll-free number if you have any questions.
0120-453-006 GAURA high concentration hydrogen water server business unit

High concentration hydrogen water server: Frequently Asked Questions

Does it takes water fees?
It will be connected to the tap directly, your water fees will be the amount of drinking water. Since it is amount of money most do not need to worry about, you water fees are not a concern, you can drink plenty of high-concentration hydrogen water any time.
Will we be able to use the tap?
The branching of the water is most often attached to the middle of the branch fittings of the bottom water supply pipe, such as the kitchen sink, you can use the sink's tap as before.

From the implentation location to the water is it far ?

It is possible to install it even where the branch point of the water supply pipe and the place where the hydrogen water server is installed are far away. Up to now it has been installed to places of up to 50m away.

Are there costs after the purchase?

In normal use, the exchange of the filter is required once a year, we purchase it at 14,000 yen, excluding tax.
Do we need to replace the hydrogen gas?
HⅡ GAURA hydrogen water server exchange does not use hydrogen gas since it has to use the hydrogen generating device (Electrolytic cell), using an "electrolysis" to generate the hydrogen water is not required.
Do we need to replace the hydrogen gas?
Drainage of the GAURA high concentration hydrogen water server is not required.

Commitment in hydrogen water spereading

The high concentration hydrogen water is amazing! It is also the favorite for athletes, models and doctors! The "high concentration hydrogen water" attractiveness to Health and Beauty is endless. We want to spread a great next-generation drinking water!

Hydrogen water is not only for drinking. Face cleansing also can be done with freash hydrogen water.

"Do you think hydrogen water is only for drinking?
Now, cleansing with hydrogen water became a secret boom among users, instead of putting your face in makeup water.
Please use this high concentration hydrogen water .
It can also change your skin in everyday use."

In addition to drinking water, the hydrogen water server can be used for various purposes such as preparation from cooking and hot drinks.

Message from the President

I am Arii, the representative of GAURA Inc.

Since its establishment in 1993, our company has been dealing with products mainly focusing on the development and sale of health equipments for athletes and health support equipments for medical institutions, for more than 20 years.
Under such circumstances, maintaining better physical condition for medical relations and athletes, we explored anything that could contribute to improvement and found hydrogen water.
Although the rental and sale of hydrogen water was being conducted in gyms and medical institutions, this time, it is not only for some people, but as a health support item to be widely adopted on a daily basis as a household hydrogen water server, we started selling hydrogen water generator and hydrogen bath agent.

In order to fully demonstrate "the power of wonderful hydrogen", we verify the product with various institutions, we also proceeded in trial and error to set a pricing for many people.

And this time, we now offer household hydrogen water servers, hydrogen water generator and hydrogen bath agent which can be easily used for hot water baths.
In addition to those who introduced the system, a hydrogen water server at home, based on the opinions of the people who repeatedly use the generator refined water quality, we can make recommendations for you with confidence at any price

"Please enjoy any time the fresh hydrogen water by all means."