The hydrogen water server for business is rented at facilities such as fitness clubs, spas.

Company Profile
GAURA hydrogen water server changes the tap water to healthy water. Decreasing costs overwhelmingly compared to home water delivery .

The hydrogen water server for business

※ This page is an example of when to deploy the hydrogen water server for business in Japan.

The hydrogen water server for business

Overview of free rental

  • It can be rented for free for a fraction of the sales of the hydrogen water server main-unit, proven No.1 introduction track record in the Fitness Industry.
  • The filter cost, mounting base and maintenance are provided free of charge.
  • It is also available for employees's health maintenance and aging care.
  • Subscribers can be use freely the hydrogen water server, and can also take home an exclusive pouch for longer conservation.
  • The costs of facilities are only for water and electricity fees. (Additional expenses for one month are about 700 yen)
  • The new model is a big differentiation from other stores.

Free initial costs! The filter is also free!

  • The main-unit, and mounting base basic fees are also free of charge (free initial cost).
  • The maintenance is carried at our company.
  • Running cost is also 0 yen as the filter cost is 0 yen.
  • Since it is a direct-coupled water supply, the exchange of heavy bottles is also unnecessary.
  • A fresh high concentration of unlimited hydrogen water anytime.

Increase revenues with the hydrogen water membership fees!

  • Subscribe a hydrogen water member (Optional) and the member will pay a certain amount each month for the cost of unlimited hydrogen water drinking.
  • The member can use the hydrogen water server at a monthly flat-rate. (Long-term storage with dedicated packs are also available.)
  • The facility will share with us the hydrogen water membership sales.

You can also sell special containers!

[Hydrogen water special container "H2-BAG"] is a long-term hydrogen water container

  • The valve check function maintain the vacuum until the end while drinking (Patented)
    ➡ even if the equity return it maintains the hydrogen concentration. (Drinking, makeup water)
  • Special metals films for hydrogen water are used (Patented)
  • Handles disinfection at heat 125°C, frequent-use container type (World 1st)
type Suggested retail price
H2BAG 500ml ¥1,200 Yen (excluding tax)
Replacement BAG 500ml ¥600 Yen (excluding tax)
Cover 500ml ¥600 Yen (excluding tax)

[Hydrogen water bottle can] Repeatedly reusable hydrogen water container

  • Hydrogen container made in aluminum rendering spills difficult.
  • Container that can be used repeatedly.
  • It is a pleasing carry around design.
  • When the spout of the cap is openned, the hydrogen exposed to air will begin evaporating, thus please use the special bag (H2-BAG) for take-outs.

Introduction Campaign! ! H2 bottle gifts are given!

New Members membership campaign: get dedicated containers and promotional materials of the hydrogen water(At our charge)!

Memberships can be secured in this campaign to some extent !

There is a reason for being No.1 in introduction track record !

  • Innovative campaigns not seen in the other companies are conducted regularly.
  • Revenues derived from container sales, home server sales and rental, such as commission sales of hydrogen-related products are many (There are more plans to introduce them in the future)
  • As we hold special training sessions for the staff, it will raise their skills.
  • We provide reliable periodic maintenance support around the country.
  • The promotional materials has been enhanced, such as posters and related materials.
  • The introduction will also be for the welfare of staff members.
  • Even when used continuously, the server as a high concentration.
  • Easy water supply with the one-touch-button (automatic water supply)
  • UV disinfection (When the water comes out it is UV disinfected)
  • Water purification cartridge (easy exchange with one-touch cartridge)
  • Coffee shop business license (vending machine) already supported (because it is an equipment already supported for national public health centers, it can be deploy with confidence)
  • The specification can be changed according to the application, such as a card-type, cash or coin.